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I was Rejected, Again

*Checking Email*

*Read it*

Hi Helmy Satria Martha Putra!

Thank you for your interest in our GSA Program this year.

Unfortunately, you didn’t make our top list for this year.

And although you seemed to be a very good candidate, the competition was very strong.


However, do not be sad… for we have a waiting list with your name on it, in case some places open up – so stay tuned!

And in any case, we would really love to have you apply for the program again next year.


This is why we have put together a list of resources for you to know more about us, our products and prepare yourself better for next year:


Google Students Portal

Google Apps for Higher Education

Google Online Marketing Challenge

Google CodeJam

Google Advertising Professionals Program

Thank you again for your time and your effort. We’re looking forward to your super application next year =)



Your friendly GSA Team

Yes, I applied GSA for recent year. But unfortunately, i just at Waiting list. My friends, Billa and Wilik have been accepted.

Thanks google for the opportunity. 🙂


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